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posted : Tuesday, May 24, 2011
title : Heyo guys! I've moved to TUMBLR ♥
I made a tumblr account and feel free to follow me there. I don't think I'm gonna use my blog anymore. So, bye. It's nice to be in blogger for around 4 years. XOXO ♥

posted : Sunday, February 27, 2011
title : Hiatusssss
I didn't blog for a long time. Like 2 months. I celebrated my birthday with my friends yesterday but actually my birthday is in 20th February. Yesterday was not exciting. I thought it'll be awesome day. But no it wasn't I hate tomorrow. My stupid and crazy driver ruined my mood. And finally, my mom and dad fired him. IT WAS THE DAY I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Yeah! I think I'll be in hiatus. I have many homeworks and exams these days.

posted : Thursday, January 13, 2011
title : School :'(
Oh my Bieber! JUSTIN BIEBER IS COMING TO JAKARTA, INDONESIA ON 23rd OF APRIL THIS YEAR! Hell, I really want to come but, my house in Jakarta is so far from the place. Huh, and my mother doesn't let me to go. She only let me to go when Justin's coming to Singapore. Weird huh? Ah, but I really want to go! I don't know everything about his concert in Singapore. I hope I can come! Tomorrow or Saturday is my school anniversary. I don't want to come to school :( There is a door prize. If the prize is Justin Bieber concert tix, I'LL DEFINITELY BUY ALL OF THE COUPON! Huh! It's the 4th day of school. New classmates, I don't like my new classmates. I prefer the old one for real! I don't have close friend there :( And yeah, I hate our Math teacher, she always make a very very difficult exam question. When she do the example, I understand. But when she makes the exam question, it's very difficult! And I really hate my Bahasa teacher! She is very very very very very annoying! She doesn't have any fault to me but I HATE HER! Her mouth always disco all the time. Weird huh? But it's true! Her mouth always moving like she's chewing something but she's not. Hahaha :D Fun-neh! And yes, SHE IS SO TALKATIVE! Maybe because the condition of her mouth :D If she doesn't talk any word in a day, she will be dead or something? And for Saturday, we're going to have Jalan Santai, we have to walk from school to a place and go back to school again I think. THAT'S WHY I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! I HATE WALKING! I usually go everywhere by car. Yeah, because my house is far from my school, from my course and anywhere else. Maybe it's not that deserted, but I'm not used to walk everywhere :( Ugh, never mind.

posted : Saturday, January 8, 2011
title : Oh, come on!
Argh! School's coming, I HATE SCHOOL FOR REAL! SCHOOL SUCKS, HOMEWORK SUCKS, EXAM SUCKS, TEACHER SUCKS! I'm waiting Justin Bieber to follow me, keep waiting, keep waiting. Please sign this petition for me, only 2 people signed it So sad :(

posted : Sunday, January 2, 2011
title : I'm back yeah!
Sentosa is wonderful. No, I lied. Sentosa is so lousy. I thought Hard Rock Hotel is good, but it's lousy too. In Universal Studio I only watched Shrek 4D and watch music show. But I don't think it's good. In the Festive Grand, I watched Voyage De La Vie. I think it's fantastic but I was sleepy so I fell asleep. I hate magician because they tricked us with illusion but in Voyage De La Vie I only like people who got very elastic body. They can fold their body like a paper. Yeah, I bought so many things there and I like it! I'm going to school next Monday :( It's near -_________- I'm watching Grammy Nominees and I hope Justin Bieber will win the Best New Artist ;)

posted : Thursday, December 23, 2010
title : Singapore oh yeah!
So I can't go out with my friend to watch Narnia tomorrow. But I'll go to Singapore. And I'll go to Singapore again at 30th December. I prefer shopping than going to amusement park. Amusement park is boring -________- But it's okay, than not go anywhere. I hope I'll buy many things yeah!

posted : Wednesday, December 22, 2010
title : Happy mother's day!
Happy mother's day, love ya mom Tron: Legacy. I really want to watch it before. But when I watch it, nah I don't like it. I think that film is so bad. I don't think the title does not match the film -_____- I only like the visual effect and the clothes. It's cool eh?

Ratings: 3/5

My friend asked me to watch movie again tomorrow. Actually, I really want to come because I'm trapped in this boredom. But I must ask my mother, I hope someone will take me there. I haven't watch THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER. Yeah, I haven't watch it and I really want to watch it. My friend said that the film was good. She even watched it twice. Weird haha :D But maybe it's just her opinion or maybe that film is really good. So I better watch it soon ;)

I hope someone will take me to the mall so I can watch Narnia yeah!